Va stau la dispozitie cu masini second hand produse in Germania.

- feliatoare industriale, diferite tipuri ( Weber, Dixie, CFS)

- dispozitiv de ascutit cutite pentru feliatoare Weber

- masini de vidat cu o camera sau camere dubla ( Webomatic, VC999)

- tanc de contractie ( Gernal, VC999, Webomatic)

- tunel de contractie (Webomatic)

- conveior

- masini de termoformare ( Dixie, VC999, Webomatic, Multivac)

- masina de dozat si lipit pahare ( Waldner)

- fow pack (Fuji)

- camere de afumare (Ness)

- detector de metale ( Loma)

- masini de dozat si ambalat UNT ( Trepko)

We can offer filling and wrapping machine for butter/margarine/cottage cheese into aluminum foil or parchment paper

This machine looks and operates like new, after full reconditioning, 6 months guarantee for spare parts.

Capacity: Up to 75 packages/min

Standard packing product 250g/ foil size: 100 x 75 x 35 mm + 200g/ foil size: 100 x 75 x 30 mm

Power rating: 2.2kW

Speed Frequency controlled

Stainless Steel bunker

Photocell controlled


Length: 303 cms
Width: 270 cms
Height: 180 cms